What is CASp and how does it benefit me?

CASp is a certification that allows Access Consultants to provide a comprehensive ADA compliance report to property and business owners in the state of California. Having a CASp report on file provides owners with a 90 day stay or temporary halt litigation. It helps to protect property owners who are making their best effort to rectify compliance issues.

CASp History

Senate Bill 1608 became law on January 1st, 2009. The bill introduced a voluntary certification program by the state of California regarding construction related disability access issues.

The purpose of the bill was to provide legislation to protect the disabled public and business owners.  It encourages property and business owners to take initiative to become compliant with state and federal accessibility requirements.  It also clarifies and amends disability access laws to reduce the unwarranted “drive-by” lawsuits that have cost businesses and property owners millions of dollars.

Additionally, it will require the state of California to address the inconsistencies of its codes against the federal codes and propose amendments by December 31, 2010 thus resolving the confusion. (Chris, has the confusion been addressed? You mention December 31, 2010.)

Obtaining a CASp Report

Fill out the form below to begin the process of working with Access Consultants to obtain a CASp report. One of our Certified Access Specialists will reach out to you to discuss your project and conduct a comprehensive review to make sure you have a complete understanding and are satisfied with the findings of the report.

If qualified, you will receive a certificate of compliance upon completion of our evaluation. Any issues identified in the report must be addressed in a timely manner and our consultant will work with you to come up with a plan of action for becoming fully compliant. At this point your certificate will be issues as ‘certification pending’.  We will keep your report, certificate, and associated documentation on file in case of litigation.

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